The Young ESTRO Committee has developed a project on burn-out in radiation oncology

24/07/2018 Nieuws andere

The aim of the project is to explore personality traits potentially predisposing an individual to develop burn-out syndrome via some general information and 3 different validated questionnaires (TAS-20, IRI, ProQoL) to investigate alexithymia trait (low level or lack of ability to describe emotions in the self), empathy (capacity to understand or feel someone else’s experience from his/her perspective) and to quantify eventual burn-out syndrome. The estimated time to complete the survey is 15 minutes. The questionnaires are completely anonymous, and all information will be handled appropriately within the Young ESTRO Committee for the purpose of this study only.  Results will be disseminated in the shape of a scientific work to analyze and define management strategies for individuals at risk of developing burn-out syndrome.


It would be great if you could spread this survey among your members!


Here is the direct survey link:


Thanks a lot for your support and collaboration!

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