Open call van de ECIBC (European Comission Initiative on Breast Cancer)

26/10/2017 Nieuws andere

The European Commission Initiative on Breast Cancer (ECIBC) is pleased to announce the opening of the Invitation to express interest for Breast Cancer Services and stakeholders.

This invitation is addressed to national stakeholders wishing to be informed of and included in the exchanges and feedback collection anticipating the Piloting of the European Breast QA scheme.

These stakeholders include: ECIBC National Contacts (who will also have a coordinating role in this exercise), breast cancer services (screening programmes, hospitals, hospices and other services, such as diagnostic-imaging services), health institutes, professional bodies, academia, associations of service providers, health ministries, health authorities, national accreditation bodies, conformity assessment bodies, existing licensing authorities/bodies, cancer societies, patients advocacies, charities, service users organisations and insurance schemes.

Your proactive contribution in fostering ECIBC implementation is greatly appreciated. ECIBC is being developed with a transparent, bottom-up, inclusive approach: the constant feedback and engagement from countries, citizens, and professionals enriches its agenda and will ensure full feasibility and implementability of the future scheme.

This invitation will remain open until the launching of the call for piloting of the European Breast QA scheme. The supporting materials on the webpage will be updated during this exercise, and you will be notified of any updates regarding this invitation.

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